Great Thinking

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What thinking am I talking about

Learning to Think, Thinking to Learn...!!! Do unto others what we would have others do unto us. Just like every topic in this series, that I...
Krishnamurti Greatest inspiration

What inspired our Thinking – Jiddu Krishnamurti

One man inspired us – Jiddu Krishnamurti...!!! As we described in our last post, our thinking process as adults is influenced / inspired by how we are...
Krishnamurti enlightens Bernard

What Krishnamurti said – Conflict

Krishnamurti said there really is no Conflict...!!! The main reason we shared the three videos in our previous post is because it warrants repeat viewing. We've also embedded...

What Krishnamurti said – Thought

Krishnamurti said 'Thought' has created all the problems...!!! Following the astonishing revelations from the first video discussed in our previous post, Krishnamurti goes on to express...

What Krishnamurti Said – Action

Krishnamurti said there has to be an 'Action' that ends our 'Conflict'...!!! In the third part of the interview Bernard picks up on what Krishnamurti said about...

Alan Watts – A revelation that opened our eyes

What would you do if money were no object? - Alan Watts British philosopher, writer, and speaker, Alan Wilson Watts lived in the 70s and...

Alan Watts on Love and Marriage

Idea of Marriage vs. Experience of Love Addressing the origins of the institution of marriage, Alan narrates the story of ancient Greece with regards to...

Great Breathing


What Breathing Am I Talking About

Breathing to Live, Living to Breath...!!! Breathing is the most obvious involuntary action that our body...
Baba Ramdev's Techniques of Right Breathing

Techniques of Right Breathing

Pranayama Techniques for right breathing...!!! Well as we mentioned in our previous post, our daughter is...
Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayama

Techniques of Bhastrika Pranayama Bhastrika Pranayama is the first of seven. We usually wake up at...
Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Techniques of Kapal Bharti Pranayama Right after Bhastrika Pranayama, Baba Ramdev introduces us to Kapal Bharti Pranayama with...
Bahaya Pranayama

Bahaya Pranayama

Techniques of Bahaya Pranayama After performing Kapal Bharti Pranayama for 15 minutes, we practice Bahaya Pranayama. In...
Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Techniques of Anulom Vilom Pranayama Following Bahaya Pranayama we come to one of the most important Pranayamas -...
Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama

Techniques of Bhramari Pranayama The fifth Pranayama after Anulom Vilom Pranayama is Bhramari Pranayama. Baba Ramdev...

Udgeeth and Pranav Pranayama

  Techniques of Udgeeth and Pranav Pranayama Once your body and mind reach a heightened level of...

Great Workout


What Workout Am I Talking About

Workout, not working yourself out...!!! The kind of workout we are talking about is not what you get to hear in the general notion of...

Workout Day 1 – Monday

Day 1 - Sukshm Vyayam (small exercises)...!!! So, before you start the Vyayam (exercise) for Day 1 (need not be a Monday specifically, just the...

Workout Day 2 – Tuesday

Workout Day 3 – Wednesday

Day 4

Workout Day 4 – Thursday

Day 5

Workout Day 5 – Friday


Yoga for Obesity


Yoga for Diabetes

Great Eating

Great Parenting


What Parenting am I talking about

Parenting...a blessing in disguise...!!! By definition, a parent is the caregiver of a child and parenting...

First Steps for Brand New Parents

Brand new Parents, whole new world...!!! Having a baby for us, as brand new parents, was...

Good parenting, Bad Parenting

Good parenting, Bad Parenting - is there such a thing...? Being a first-time parent in itself...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 1st Lesson

Are we raising her or is she raising us…!!! Everybody aspires to be the best parent...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 2nd Lesson

Lesson 2 - Praise the Child vs. Praise the Action The second most important lesson we...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 3rd Lesson

Lesson 3 - The system of Reward and Punishment This is similar to the ‘Good Girl,...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 4th Lesson

Lesson 4 - The Curious Case of Greed...!!! Like most kids, Aarohi loves watching cartoons. We...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 5th Lesson

Lesson 5 – How we deal with Tantrum...??? Recently we got introduced to a new family...

Our Second Great Pregnancy

To start off, let me assure you that this was, by far, the most difficult...

Great Schooling


What Schooling Am I talking About

Education vs. Schooling...!!! In our generation, everybody we know has gone to school during their childhood. If you didn't go to school you would not...

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Workout Day 1 – Monday

Day 1 - Sukshm Vyayam (small exercises)...!!! So, before you start the Vyayam (exercise) for Day 1 (need not be a Monday specifically, just the...

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