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Dancing for Physical Training and Music Appreciation…!!!

Dancing is one of the best activities when it comes to Physical Training for kids. Along with being a very good exercise for the entire body, it also cultivates an appreciation for music. One of the most prolific forms of dancing is Ballet. Aarohi grew an interest in this form of dancing at a very young age while watching Angelina Ballerina, a cartoon mouse, created by author Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig, featured in a series of children’s books. In 2002 the books were adapted into a British animated children’s television series. Right about the time we were thinking about getting her started with some outdoor physical activities, Aarohi came up to us and said that she wanted to learn Ballet Dancing. This made things easier for us as we were spared the trouble of finding another activity for her along with Painting, Reading, and Theatre.


As our hunt for a Ballet School began in Dubai, we came across Turning Pointe Dance Studios. To be really honest we went for it just cause it was the only school conducting classes nearest to our residence at the time, at Al Diyafah High School in Al Nahda 2. But then we soon found out that they, in fact, have a number of venues where they conduct classes. This became a very big plus point for us as we would be able to continue with the same school even if we relocated to any other part of Dubai in the future. By the time Aarohi finished her second semester here, we realized what a good decision it turned out to be, as she grew very attached to her teacher Miss Kate, who is fantastic. Our first interaction with Miss Kate happened at Aarohi’s first class. She made it very clear that parents were not allowed inside the class during the 45-minute sessions. This actually came as a shock for us because one of the things that we make sure as part of Aarohi’s homeschooling is that we take part in everything that she does. But soon we realized that it was for the best. As dancing is a very expressive activity for a kid and sometimes kids feel very shy in front of adults while practicing. Also, as Miss Kate explained they need to be in their own space, away from any adult supervision to express themselves without any restrictions. This also gave us parents an opportunity to socialize while our kids were in class.


One of the great activities that they conduct during each semester is that they encourage us to invite Aarohi’s friends to also participate in one of the classes. We, of course, went ahead and invited all her friends. Although everyone said they will try, no one confirmed. To our pleasant surprise, at the very last minute, everybody turned up and Miss Kate later expressed her delight at the huge crowd we pulled along. This was an amazing experience as Aarohi was able to share one of her favorite activities with her pals and they all had a great time together. Besides this Aarohi also became very good friends with her dancing mates and we ended up socializing with some of them.


At the end of each semester, they invite us parents, to come and take a look at the progress the kids have made during their time with Miss Kate in an event called parent viewing. This was the first time that we were getting to see Aarohi performing Ballet. Of course, at this early stage, it was more comprised of various physical activities as opposed to actual dancing. It included stopping and starting on musical cues, hopping and skipping, telling a story through dancing and much more. All of us parents were overjoyed to see all the kids performing so well. The first time round we were so excited that we never took any photos or videos. That was rectified at the end of the second semester. This time even a couple of our friends, Jaya and Sneha, joined us in encouraging Aarohi. Here are a few pics from the event for your viewing pleasure:

The second time round I also got my camera along and I am so glad that I did, as the video that came out of that day is simply delightful: