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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Our Second Great Pregnancy

To start off, let me assure you that this was, by far, the most difficult pregnancy we are going though, our second. The first...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 5th Lesson

Lesson 5 – How we deal with Tantrum...??? Recently we got introduced to a new family deciding to homeschool their children. The lady of the...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 4th Lesson

Lesson 4 - The Curious Case of Greed...!!! Like most kids, Aarohi loves watching cartoons. We started with Silly Symphonies, then moved to Looney Tunes,...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 3rd Lesson

Lesson 3 - The system of Reward and Punishment This is similar to the ‘Good Girl, Bad Girl syndrome’. In this system also parents try...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 2nd Lesson

Lesson 2 - Praise the Child vs. Praise the Action The second most important lesson we learned while raising Aarohi was how to show her...

Great Lessons in Parenting – 1st Lesson

Are we raising her or is she raising us…!!! Everybody aspires to be the best parent one can be for our children. Sometimes we get...

Good parenting, Bad Parenting

Good parenting, Bad Parenting - is there such a thing...? Being a first-time parent in itself is a huge responsibility, leave aside standing up to...

First Steps for Brand New Parents

Brand new Parents, whole new world...!!! Having a baby for us, as brand new parents, was like being born again. When the doctor called me...

What Parenting am I talking about

Parenting...a blessing in disguise...!!! By definition, a parent is the caregiver of a child and parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical,...

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