Food we should be eating – Vegan – Part 2



101 -Reasons to Go Vegan (contd.)

In our last article we’ve explored all the food items we should avoid eating. It is finally time to find out exactly what kind of food we should be eating to lead a healthy life. James starts by showing us examples of other animals that eat specifically plant based diet – Elephant, Rhino, Hippo and Gorilla. These herbivorous animals are not only the biggest, strongest in the world; they also live a long life. The best example is that of Apes (our closest cousins when comes to similarities at the genetic level) – their primary diet is Bananas along with roots, shoots and bamboo. They get all their calcium, iron, minerals, amino acids and vitamins from these plants.

These herbivorous animals are not only the biggest, strongest in the world; they also live a long life.

Now James introduces us to a fully plant based diet pyramid. Giving an analogy of our body as a house, he explains that a house needs a strong foundation and Fruits and Vegetables are that strong foundation for our body. Then you build your walls with Legumes (Beans) and Whole Grains (pasta, spaghetti, rice, wheat, bread). Finally, the roof is built with Nuts and Seeds. You get all your vitamins (A, B, C, D from the Sun), Calcium, Iron, Omega 3, Proteins and Amino Acids from the ingredients of this Food Pyramid. He also gives examples of athletes who are living on a complete plant based diet. Then he shows a few slides to list the plant-based substitutes that you can go for instead of eating animal products like dairy, poultry, beef and pork. These are of course transition food to help people move from animal based diet to a plant based diet.

Ultimately, we should be eating fresh and unprocessed food – The fruits, the vegetables, The rice, the beans etc.

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To compliment what James is showing in his presentation we would like to share with you this interview, released by PETA, with a 70-year-old bodybuilder, Jim Morris, who has lived on a vegan diet for more than 12 years now.

To conclude his presentation, James plays what he calls a “happier video”, by Farm Sanctuary on the change in perception. Do take a look and enjoy…!!!

To get more information on how you can change your perspective and migrate from a meat-based diet to a vegan diet, do visit this website –