Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Techniques of Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Right after Bhastrika Pranayama, Baba Ramdev introduces us to Kapal Bharti Pranayama with a slight caution to take some rest for a while if you feel exhausted. Do not strain yourself in the least.

To perform Kapal Bharti Pranayama, we have to forcefully breathe out. Keep breathing out continuously and maintain the same pace. In Kapal Bharti Pranayama you just have to exhale while inhaling is natural and at medium pace. While inhaling is normal, you may breathe out at brisk, medium brisk or medium pace. We perform this Pranayama at medium pace with medium energy. Practice it for 10 to 15 minutes and then gradually increase the duration. In a practice of 1 hour we devote 15 minutes to this Pranayama. You may begin by practicing for a minute and then relaxing. Again practice for a minute and then relax. Gradually, as your stamina increases, you may practice for 5 minutes and then relax. Eventually, as you’ll stop feeling tired, you will be practicing it without any breaks. As a result your pains will subside; Kundalini energy will awaken and reach a higher level. You will attain a state of consciousness, your face will glow with natural aura and youth will stabilize.

Keep breathing out. Stomach contracts inwards while you are exhaling. Practice Kapal Bharti Pranayama at a medium pace with medium force. If you practice Kapal Bharti Pranayama along with the 7 Pranayamas, properly and regularly, problems related to heart, hepatitis A, B, C, thyroid, diabetes, obesity and acute arthritis, bronchitis etc. will subside. Till now an estimated 7 million people have benefited from Pranayama in Baba Ramdev’s free yoga camps in association with Patanjali Yogpeeth. If you include to that those who visit their ashrams and practitioners following on television and online media, the figures may exceed more than 250 million people. From the experiences of the masses of people who have benefited from Pranayama, it has become very clear that it is a very effective solution in bringing relief from all the known ailments.

Kapal Bharti Pranayama

Among the 7 seven Pranayamas Kapal Bharti and Anulom Vilom Pranayama are the most beneficial. It is advised that even if you get slightly tired, stop, relax and rest. Take care that you do it correctly and avoid making mistakes. Don’t inhale with force, only exhale. Head will not move, waist will remain still, only stomach will expand and contract. Don’t distort your face and keep your eyes gently closed. You are exhaling with only one resolve in mind, all of these impurities, ailments and pains along with toxins and all the negative forces are being thrown out. Such thoughts will purify your body and mind. Once negative energies are removed, your positive energies will increase. Your resistance power will enhance, immune system will become stronger. Anabolism of the body will improve with a positive impact on metabolism. Your vital energy levels will go up. By simply exhaling, your digestive system will become healthier. Kapal Bharti Pranayama will have a positive effect on your liver, intestine, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, prostrate, uterus, ovaries. Keep practicing it at a gentle pace.

You will also be able to shed half a pound of your weight every day. You will be able to see the effects within the first 6 months of continued practice. Even hair loss and graying hair are known to subside and reduce. It may also cure retina and cornea problems in your eyes along with double vision, crossed vision and night blindness. Cataract and glaucoma may also be reversed. Drying of eyes or excess watering or redness may also be reduced. Problems like Asthma and excessive coughing may go away. Face will glow, as wrinkles and dark circles beneath your eyes will reduce. You will start feeling younger. This Pranayama creates a free flow of ‘Prana’ within us. If you are suffering from swelling of gums or bleeding of teeth, then practice it for 15 minutes. It may reduce blockages in your heart. Many skin diseases and cysts are also known to be cured by a combination of Kapal Bharti and Anulom Vilom Pranayama. Practice these for 15 minutes each. This is the advantage of Pranayama, you will become detached, attain tranquility and fully enlightened.

One very important caution that must be followed is – expecting mothers and menstruating women must never practice Kapal Bhati Pranayama.

Take a look at this clip to see how to perform it: