Raw Food Diet Documentary – Raw for Life – Part 2



Continued from Part 1

Documentary explores how Raw food beats Diabetes…!!!

Beating Diabetes Now the documentary on Raw Food addresses the central theme of its subject. Fact remains that Diabetes has, in fact, reached epidemic levels over the last decade or so. We are so addicted to processed food that even if we know that it is not good for us we can’t stop consuming it. Since our body is not designed to process this kind of food, it reacts badly to it and we suffer from chronic ailments like Diabetes and Obesity. Dr. Joel Fuhrman and Fred Bisci get into the specifics of how many people suffer from this condition. Giving his own example, our host, Kirt Tyson lets us know that most people don’t know that Diabetes can be cured. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and as a part of the Raw Food event at the Tree of Life Foundation, Dr. Gabriel Cousens put him on a diet of raw foods and live supplements for 30 days. Kirt has been diabetes free ever since and has never had to take insulin ever again.


Health and Nutrition Expert Gary Null explains what Diabetes actually is, what causes it and how our body reacts when we feed it food full of fat. This fat blocks the absorption of Insulin and triggers increased amounts of secretion by the Pancreas to counter its deficiency. Eventually, our Pancreas runs out of steam and cannot create enough insulin for the proper functioning of our body and we get diagnosed with Diabetes. Dr. Cousens lists the big causes of Diabetes as High Sugar, Meat & Dairy, Caffeine, Cigarettes, and Pesticides. David Wolfe informs us that excessive urination is one of the first symptoms of Diabetes. Dr. Fuhrman concludes by pointing out that Diabetes is not caused by Insulin deficiency, but by Insulin resistance. Julian Whitaker, Director, Whitaker Wellness Institute, lets us know about the 2 types of Diabetes – the type that needs the insulin and then the type that is caused because you’re just heavy. This again connects to the kind of food you eat.

“Genetics loads the gun for Diabetes, but a culture of deaf lifestyle pulls the trigger.”

The only way to recover from this condition is to change your entire lifestyle, to do extensive research on this topic and once you are ready to go ahead with it, give it a try. We don’t suffer from any such ailment, but the knowledge of its existence has triggered a self-preservation reaction that has lead to a complete overhaul of habits. We’ve reduced our consumption of alcohol, stopped smoking altogether (in my case), started consuming Organic Food and also on our way to eating raw foods on a daily basis. The change that we are feeling in our health is something that cannot be explained but only experienced. This combined with Yoga (Breathing and Workout) on a daily basis protects us from common diseases and boosts our immune system so that we don’t fall sick that often and even if we do, we recover without the aid of Pharmaceutical medicine.

The documentary goes a lot deeper into the topics of  Health & Wellness, Weight Reduction, Detox & Cleansing, and Optimal Athletic Performance. Check it out and try to adapt the messages from it to live a Long, Healthy, and most importantly Happy Life: