Raw Food Diet Documentary – Raw for Life – Part 1



Documentary implores us to change our lifestyle…!!!

As more and more people are realizing the importance of healthy food, the trend is shifting from fast food culture to homemade food, from conventionally grown food to Organic Food and from cooked food to Raw Diet. Since the fast food is so very addictive and readily available, it’s very difficult to get rid of it. Since Organic Food is very expensive, it’s very difficult for common people to adjust it in their finances. Since the craving for cooked food is so strong as a result of a lifelong habit, it’s by far the most difficult lifestyle to adapt. But take it from someone who has made these changes in our lives, it is not only imperative but absolutely essential if you want to lead a healthy and illness free life. We can speak from experience that our health has improved, we feel healthy in body as well as the mind. The documentary brings to light that this is not the way to live. The amount of money people spend on medication, we spend on buying Organic food. The question is –

Don’t you think it’s wiser to spend money on leading a healthy lifestyle rather than falling sick and spending it on treatment?


I’ve explained in a previous article why we should be eating Raw Organic Food and how we are trying to adapt it in our lives. One of the motivations came from this Documentary on Raw Food called ‘Raw for Life’. We came across it on youtube by a user – Health and Raw food. A Raw Food vegetarian diet can be very simple – a combination of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Sprouts, and Seeds. The documentary is brought to us by a recovering Diabetic who participated in a unique Raw Food event at the Tree of Life Foundation and as a result has been Diabetes free ever since. The documentary is divided into chapters beginning with:

Starting Out In this section of the documentary, a number of people from different walks of life come together to share their experiences of how they transitioned from cooked food to raw food. You also get to hear from experts in the field about the challenges of such a transition. Get advice from Nutritional Counselor and Raw Food Pioneer Fred Bisci, Peak Performance Coach Anthony Robbins and Raw Food Advisor David Wolfe. Also, you will hear from Hollywood Actor and Raw Food Activist Woody Harrelson about what inspired him and how he made the difficult transition. Chef and Owner of Taste of the Goddess Cafe, Nwenna Kai shares her path to a better, healthier lifestyle and how she’s helping other people make the move through her Cafe. Brendan Brazier, Tri-athlete, and Founder of Vega Foods lets us know that he, in fact, feels more energetic and active since he started consuming Raw Food. Even spiritual Guru Rev. Michael Beckwith shares experiences of his followers who have moved to a happier living with Raw Food.

The most important thing is to make the transition very slowly and not take extreme steps.


Wisdom of Eating Raw – This part of the documentary brings us testimonials from experts, chefs, lifestyle coaches and models about why we should not be eating what we are eating, like, meat and Dairy. Karyn Calabrese, Raw food activist, and Chef @Karyn’s Corner, Lillian Müller, Actress, Model, Author, Morgan Spurlock, Documentary filmmaker ‘Super Size Me‘, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Physician and Author ‘Eat to Live’, David Wolfe, Raw Food Advocate, Author, David Life & Sharon Gannon, Creators of Jivamukti Yoga, and Rod Rotondi, owner, Leaf Cuisine all implore us to change our ways. They advise that it’s not natural for humans to eat dead meat. The main reason for our ignorance towards organic food is due to our lack of knowledge about Organic vs. Conventional. What we need to do is detox and cleanse our bodies and this will lead to a peaceful mind.  Why do we make the choice daily of eating dead meat as opposed to fresh vegetables? It leads to debilitating ailments like Diabetes, Obesity, and Depression. We have turned our backs on farmers and community. Instead of buying from fresh food farmers market, we buy packaged food from stores.

We must teach our kids to have a real meal and that the source from where food comes matters.


Processed Food and Medical Industries are doing great because we are convinced it is better to spend money on them. We’re spending more and more money on healthcare and not seeing a healthy population. There is a need for good nutrition, proper lifestyle and perhaps cleaning the environment. We think we own the planet and don’t care what we’re doing to it. We need to acknowledge three things – 1 – there is a global crisis, 2 – we’re causing it, 3 – we’re not aware what we’re doing. You gotta do it and feel the difference. What will reduce the harm we’re doing to everything and everyone around us.


Continued in Part 2