Raw Food Diet and why we should be eating it?

Raw Food

Raw Food

Cooked Food to Raw Food Transition…!!!

As you must have realized from all the articles we’ve written on healthy eating since Aarohi’s birth, we’ve moved to consumption of Organic Food and complete elimination of processed and conventionally grown food. This, of course, didn’t happen overnight. It is a result of a long and tedious process of changing our entire lifestyle. Over a period of more than 5 years, we can see a visible change in our health. As the saying goes, “A healthy body leads to a happy mind”. Not only this, we’ve also integrated Yoga (Great Breathing and Great Workout) as an integral part of our lives. The next step for us is to move from eating cooked food to Raw Food. This is a tough one as this is another thing that we’ve been doing all our lives. I mean who doesn’t love their mother’s cooking? I surely do. In fact, I even love my wife Snehal’s mom’s cooking as much as Snehal loves my mom’s cooking. So the question arises – why are we thinking about moving to Raw Food Diet? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Before we get into the details of this topic, we would also like to make a small disclaimer that we’ve completely stopped consumption of any and all animal products, including meat and dairy.

In fact, I even love my wife Snehal’s mom’s cooking as much as Snehal loves my mom’s cooking.

Raw Food

The Organic Vegetarian Food that we consume, not only has all the nutrients that our body needs as part of our holistic living but also comes packaged with natural enzymes that facilitate the digestion of said nutrients. Once the food is cooked over 100 Degrees, the heat starts destroying both the nutrients and the enzymes. Now, point to note is that our body does have its own reserve of enzymes that it may use to digest the food. But with age, this reserve depletes if there is no supply of said enzymes in the food itself. This is the reason that at an older age most of the people cannot digest solid foods and have to move to a more liquid diet. But if those enzymes are retained in the food, then our body doesn’t have to use the reserve and can utilize the enzymes in the food itself to digest it. Keeping this knowledge in mind we tried to move to a raw food diet and let me assure you, it’s easier said than done. Here’s a simple Raw Food Pyramid that one can follow:

Raw Food

Well, one of the most important things is that if you are under any medical condition, then please avoid this till you’ve fully recovered or at least consult your physician before you start. For example, Snehal is pregnant with our second child right now. So, this kind of change is not advisable for her. On the other hand, I am not suffering from any ailments, so I can go right ahead with it. Please also make note that if you start eating organic raw food, your body undergoes a detoxification phase. In case you get sick while making this transition, do take it slowly. Give your body ample time to adjust to the new diet. The biggest challenge for me was getting over the craving for cooked food. One gets the aroma of cooked food everywhere one goes and it’s very tough to get over this lifelong addiction. Another thing to keep in mind is to make the transition slowly and over a long duration of time.

The biggest challenge for me was getting over the craving for cooked food.

I recently started by changing my breakfast to a Vegetable Smoothie combined with few Almonds and Cashew nuts. Then slowly changed my lunch into a fully raw meal comprised of Carrots, Cucumbers, Cabbage, an Onion, an Apple and an Orange. I am still eating cooked vegetarian food for dinner. I also make sure that I drink a lot of water throughout the day. A warm glass of water right after one wakes up in the morning induces bowel movement and cleanses the stomach. Here’s a small video by youtube user A Less Fat Life which is a good guide on how to transition from cooked food to raw diet. Although in this video they do suggest eating fish whereas we’ve stopped eating meat of any kind. But it’s a good way to start: