This is Us

There is no Conflict…!!!

This blog is about all the things that inspired us in our lives and helped us implement changes that have made us the people we are today. These are the kinds of things which are not just a fad that disappears from our lives after the initial highs.

These are things that stick around for good. These are things that make us stop and take note of things we are doing in life and result in the kind of soul searching that changes us forever.

These are the many aspects of our lives that we have changed over a period of the last few years since our daughter was born, the very event in our lives that changed the way we looked at our lives and the people we come across every day. These are the collective experiences of me and my wife, Snehal as we go through the process of parenthood in raising our one and only bundle of joy.

We consider our lives as ‘Before’ and ‘After’ we were blessed with this gorgeous gift from God.

This is us:Us
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