Udgeeth and Pranav Pranayama



Techniques of Udgeeth and Pranav Pranayama

Once your body and mind reach a heightened level of peace by performing Bhramari Pranayama, its time for the last two Pranayamas, Udgeeth and Pranav Pranayama. The reason we are talking about both of them in one article is because they are very similar and deal with Omkar chanting and silence, one right after the other.

Starting with Udgeeth Pranayama, settle back down in Dhyana Mudra with your hands placed on your knees. Maintain a straight back posture and breathe in deeply. Focus your mind on your Ajna Chakra located between the eyebrows and also referred to as the “third eye” chakra. During Bhramari Pranayama the Ajna Chakra will rise like the sun in the sky and in the luminosity of that light you will perceive Om. In this state of existence we start Udgeeth Pranayama. First inhale deeply while focusing on the Ajna Chakra and then exhale with the vocal chanting of Ooommmm…!!! As the vibrations expelling from this chant will escape from your throat it will fill the environment surrounding you with a sense of peace and devotion.


After chanting Omkar at least 5 times, we move to the seventh and last Pranayama, Pranav Pranayama. This is a very simple Pranayama and involves total silence. Focus on Om with each breath, sitting in a natural and easy position. In this silence you will achieve a state of meditation, free from all your worldly troubles and commitments. You will become one with yourself. A sense of calmness will flow over you like a stream of pleasant water. Your body will be relieved of all physical ailments and your mind will overcome any psychological restrains holding you back. You will start your day with a happy outlook and will achieve any and all goals in your personal and professional life.

Take a look at these clips to see how to perform them:

Udgeeth Pranayama

Pranav Pranayama

Finally to finish this series on Great Breathing, lift both the hands over your head and rub the palms together. Then keep your palms on your eyes to feel the heat generated. This entire series in completed in about 30 minutes or so. Do this every day and if you have the luxury of time, then increase it gradually. On completion of this series, we move on to Great Workout in which we will undertake daily Asanas for the 7 days of the week as described by Baba Ramdev. We perform the 7 Pranayamas every day followed by specific Asanas for each day of the week. These become increasingly difficult with each progressing day, so it is very important to follow them as prescribed.