What Eating am I talking about



Eating to Live, Living to Eat…!!!

Since food to our body is the same as fuel to a car, you can well imagine what will happen if you mix Diesel in the tank of a Petrol car. Since the engine in a petrol car doesn’t know how to process Diesel to produce the energy required to run the car, it will start chocking. The first sign would probably be of some lights flicking on in your dashboard. If you ignore the signs and continue to use the car with the same fuel, eventually it will shutdown and refuse to move another inch. The best thing to do is to stop the car at once and get it looked at by the service center where you get it’s servicing done. Once the mechanic identifies that you have managed to put the wrong fuel in the tank, they will need to surgically flush all the junk from the tank, clean it up, flush the engine of the bad fuel and then replace it with clean petrol and let it recuperate. Well, all this is getting a little technical, but you get my point. Imagine what would happen if you are eating the wrong kind of food in your body. Let me give you a hint, a little visit to the doctor will become imminent.


Now we know that diesel is not the right fuel for a Petrol car. This begs the most obvious question, what kind of food is not right for our body? Minor disclaimer – the information that we are going to share in this and the following articles is entirely based on our personal experiences. Please keep in mind that everybody reacts differently to the kind of food we eat and this information is in no way to be utilized as the one and only correct route to achieving a healthy body.

Everybody reacts differently to the kind of food we eat…!!!

Again just like most of the people we know, we’ve been eating the conventional food and drinks all our lives. Only when we reached a point that we had to start planning our child that we started looking at what might or might not be healthy from the point of view of eating. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our good friend Mr. Titus D’Sousa, who first introduced us to Organic Food, back when we used to live in India. His close friends Ashwin and Judith run an organic farming community in Pune called Gorus Organic Farming Association. This was a God-sent for us. As we did more and more research into it, we realized the importance of eating organic and more importantly the harm that conventional food was causing to our body. So obviously the motivation was strong as protecting our daughter from the effects of harmful chemical-ridden food was imperative. We started ordering organic vegetables from Gorus and groceries (grains, cereals, pulses, cooking oil and spices) from various online providers, viz., Organic Garden, 24Mantra, Organic Shop, Down To Earth etc. Fortunately for us, when we moved to Dubai, the vegetables were available through the Ripe Market, and groceries via.  Al Adil Trading Company.


Organic Food is the food that is grown without the use of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides…!!!

So what exactly is Organic food? In layman terms, it is the food that is grown without the use of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides. Since these are known to harm human body as well as the environment around us, avoiding them was a no-brainer. I do hear a recurring argument against it that it is very expensive and to be honest I don’t have an answer for this. Truth is, it is, in fact, way more expensive than conventionally grown food. But is it really a matter of choice when it comes to deciding what food you want to put in your body? We started buying organic food after budgeting our finances and then putting money aside for just the food. This, of course, required that we sacrifice a few things in our lifestyle that we now deem unhealthy. In further articles we will explore what inspired us to go 100% organic in our diet, the revelations of the research we did on this topic, the effects of organic lifestyle on our health and many more.