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Krishnamurti Greatest inspiration

Greatest inspiration

One man inspired us – Jiddu Krishnamurti…!!!

As we described in our last post, our thinking process as adults is influenced / inspired by how we are raised as kids.

This of course, is not written in stone, we do have a choice…!!!

People choose to behave with others the way they see fit or are inspired to. For example, if one was disciplined by means of physical beating, during their childhood, by their folks, they may grow up to feel that it is the right way to raise their kids. On the other hand, if one was raised by parents who never beat them and discussed things with them to make them understand the situation, as means of disciplining them, they may grow up and behave the same way with their kids. But as we said, this is not written in stone. People raised in troubled circumstances may actually realize how traumatizing it can be for a kid to be beaten without actually getting an idea about what they did to deserve the abuse and might decide not to treat their kids the same way they were treated.

Now that’s inspired thinking.

This realization, that we can actually choose to behave nicely with others even though we don’t get the same treatment in return is what liberated us from our inhibitions about others. An example of this would be, let’s say you were traveling in a very crowded Metro and somebody pushed you, or stepped on your foot, how would you react? The most normal reaction would be to push back or shout at the person. Getting angry in such a situation would be such an easy thing to do. Instead try this inspired approach – apologize to that person, ask him/her to excuse your negligence and step aside for that person to move along or just be able to stand more comfortably.

People in Metro need to be inspired


You want me to apologize for their rudeness. What kind of madness is this?

The answer to that is no, we are not asking you to apologize for his/her rudeness. We are saying that tell yourself that he/she didn’t do it on purpose, tell yourself that he/she is not being rude. It was just a mistake that can be rectified if your move a little bit away from that person. This way you don’t give the power in that person’s hand to make you react. The strength is in your hands, as you didn’t let the situation force you into reacting aggressively towards another person. This is the essence of what we are trying to share with you. There really is no conflict. The conflict is what we create out of thin air when put in an adverse situation. We can choose not to create a conflict out of petty things like getting pushed in a crowded place.

The same is true for people who travel in their private vehicles. On the road everyone is equal. If you are driving faster than another driver, then you may move ahead of them, if someone is driving faster than you, then you may let them overtake you. Things get bad when one driver is trying to overtake another and the other, for whatever reason doesn’t allow the first driver to pass through. The first driver starts honking angrily and the other driver gets irritated and blocks his way on purpose. Instead, try this, when someone honks at you from behind, check your mirrors and if possible, indicate to the right or left and change your lane allowing him/her to pass through. Situation resolved, don’t you think.

not inspired at all

Easier said than done…right? We are here to say that it is, in fact, very easy to achieve this.

This is where we would like to tell you how we did it. A few years back, we started listening to lectures from spiritual gurus, mystics, yogis and philosophers. We listened to quite a few, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Alan Watts and many more who inspired us. All of them are great influences, Sadhguru showed us how important it is to realize that we are human beings who are bestowed with a higher sense of seeking, which may be a blessing or a curse depending on how we utilize our gift…Sri Sri taught us the right way of breathing to elevate us to a higher level of existence…Baba Ramdev introduced us to Patanjali Yoga for a illness free lifestyle and Alan Watts gave us direction to find the right path for ourselves in this life, based on experiences he had in his own life. We have implemented a lot of these inspired teachings in our lives and improved our standard of living.

Enlightened mystics inspire us

Interesting thing happened while listening to the lectures from Alan Watts, a British-born American philosopher, writer and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. In one of his lectures he gave a reference to something a friend of his, by the name Krishnamurti, said that inspired him a lot or made a lot of sense. This caught our radar, we don’t really remember what it was that Krishnamurti said to Alan, but this statement stayed with me. After a few more lectures, we came across another such reference to Krishnamurti. Now, Alan Watts is one of those philosophers whose words have influenced us a lot. We first came across Alan in this small inspired video, edited over an excerpt from one of his lectures. It really made a lot of sense to us as we’re from a creative field of work who are constantly trying to stay inspired and get a foothold in this ever evolving industry.

This led to an extensive search for more of his lectures and we found a wealth of videos on youtube with his full public lectures and interviews. Life as we knew it, changed. The main reason we were inspired by Alan’s lectures was cause he spoke about a lot of things that he came to realize himself from his very own experiences. It was not something we could read in a book or things that we could implement in our lives by means of a step by step procedure. These were things that we came across on a day to day basis and how we dealt with them. Still, while listening to his lectures the one thing that stayed in the back of my mind was his multiple references to “his good friend Krishnamurti”.

Interest turned into curiosity, which led us to search for the indomitable J. Krishnamurti.

We eventually found him through google and youtube. At first we only knew him as Krishnamurti and you can imagine how that greatly expanded our search. Eventually we came across this philosopher, sage and holy-man also known as J. Krishnamurti and finally his full name was revealed to us as Jiddu Krishnamurti. At this stage, you can imagine what a mad rush it was for us to find all his lectures and quotes and interviews. We assembled tons and tons of his full lectures and on one fine day went ahead and started viewing them. To our utter disappointment, we did not understand one word of what he was talking about even after viewing a number of his lectures and discussing them among ourselves. It bounced right over our heads, to the point that we gave up on him entirely, let alone get inspired by him. What a mistake that would have been.

We don’t remember the moment in time when we came across this 3 part video interview with Bernard Levin (famous, controversial british journalist and broadcaster of the 70s & 80s): at Brockwood, UK, on 20th June 1981, but good that we did. You’ll have to see it for yourself to believe it.

First, Bernard introduces us to the man and then goes on to interview (interrogate) him about how he achieved enlightenment and asks him to guide us in doing the same. What happens next can only be experienced and not explained. Go on, take a look and in our next post we’ll share our thoughts on how we interpreted what happened here that got us on the track of Great thinking.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: