What Workout Am I Talking About



Workout, not working yourself out…!!!

The kind of workout we are talking about is not what you get to hear in the general notion of the word. There are of course a number of different ways that people undertake physical workout. There is Endurance based workout, Cardio, Kettlebell, Crossfit, Circuit, Body Weight, Time Crunch and many more. These workouts may be targeted at specific body parts like, shoulders, arms, chest, back, abs, legs etc. or may be combined to put together a full body routine. Now, most of these require you to go to a gym and pump iron to get ripped and as our own history has shown, we’ve never been able to keep up the routine for any amount of time that would actually result in getting the benefits of such a workout.


This is not to say that it’s not the right way to workout. In fact for people who can keep up this routine it is very beneficial and helps them lead a very healthy and fit life. But for most of us it is not possible to take out the time to go out to the gym and dedicate so much energy in physical workout. To be honest one of the main reasons is laziness and we are all guilty of it. So what did we finally manage to do to keep up a sustainable routine of workout that not only delivers all the benefits of physical training but also suits our lifestyle?

The answer came to us in the form of YOGA.

As we’ve mentioned in our Great Breathing section, Breathing and Physical Training go hand in hand. Following Baba Ramdev‘s demonstrations of Maharishi Patanjali’s Yoga Techniques, we’ve come to perform half an hour of Pranayamas every day of the week. Right after this we undertake half an hour of daily routine of Asanas for the whole week – 7 days. These Asanas get increasingly difficult as we go from Monday thru to Sunday. So it is essential to perform them in the order prescribed as each daily routine prepares you for the workout of the following day.

1. Monday Asanas – Sukshm Vyayam.

2. Tuesday Asanas – 7 Sukshm Vyayam and 7 Asanas.

3. Wednesday Asanas – Standing Asanas.

4. Thursday Asanas – Lying on your back Asanas.

5. Friday Asanas – Sitting Asanas.

6. Saturday Asanas – Lying on your stomach Asanas.

7. Sunday Asanas – Conventional Asanas.