Why we stopped drinking milk



Drink Milk to become strong…I don’t think so…!!!

There is a ton of information available on the internet as to why we don’t need to or should altogether stop consuming milk. Well, for us to take a decision like that, the reasons had to, not only make sense but also feel right. Just like every other good boy/girl in the world we have grown up drinking 2 glasses of milk daily, one in the morning and one in the evening. We were told by our parents (who didn’t know any better) that drinking milk is very good for a growing child. They were fooled by marketing into thinking that it makes our bones stronger and helps us grow taller. I am not the expert on this matter to dispute it but one thing is for sure, since the time we stopped drinking any dairy, we’ve seen a marked improvement in our health. This has encouraged us to discourage our daughter from consuming it also.


But, hold on, we are mammals; we drink milk from the very moment we are born.

That is absolutely true and just like every other mammal; a newborn human baby does indeed drink milk from its mother. But every other mammal STOPS drinking it as they grow up and develop teeth to consume other foods. So, then why don’t we? A human mother starts lactating once she delivers her baby as mother’s milk is the natural source of food for a baby with teeth and a fully developed digestive system. This is also true for other animals, like cows, goats, camels etc. Once the baby grows old enough and develops teeth to chew and grind solid food, the mother stops suckling it and the child starts eating those to get the nutrients required for it to grow and become stronger. Once the baby stops drinking milk from its mother, she stops generating it and the baby never drinks it again in its life. This is true for all mammals.

milkHumans are the only species that not only continue to feed our children milk but steal it from other mammals in order to do so. If a mother generates milk only when she gives birth to its child, then how do you think we get cow’s milk throughout the year? This is achieved by forceful pregnancy by artificial insemination. The horror doesn’t stop there, once the calf is born, it is separated from its mother to be slaughtered and turned into tender meat (that we consume). The mother cow is then pumped full of hormones so that she will produce extraordinary amounts of milk to meet the growing demands of the dairy industry. So, every glass of milk we consume is the food meant for a newborn animal baby that we are taking away from them and feeding our children with it. Well, we decided not to be a part of such cruel and unnatural activities anymore.

Then there are the ill-effects of milk on our bodies. Once it became clear that it is not the natural source of food for us, we started doing research into what happens when we do consume it. Please note that we are not trying to make a statement to the state of the human race, but simply sharing our own experience. In our particular case, we found out that one of the reasons for having severe adult acne is due to consumption of milk. Since the time we stopped drinking it, our acne has reduced significantly. Also, we both have a long history of dental problems. This also subsided and we never got a single more cavity in our teeth. As we discussed in our article about ‘Food We Should Be Eating‘, another thing that research has shown that animal milk contains animal protein which is high in sulphur. This makes your body acidic and then, in a reaction to that, the body tries to make it alkaline by releasing Calcium from the bones, resulting in Osteoporosis (a state of weak and brittle bones). So, keeping these points in mind, we never fed our daughter milk after she stopped feeding on her mother’s breast milk.

Dairy in nature’s perfect diet, but only if you are a calf.

Further research lead us to this video presented by the UltraWellnessCenter in discussion with their CEO and Founder Dr. Mark Hyman. The good Doctor addresses a lot of issues with the food industry today and how we have been convinced that dairy is good for us and our children. He also gives us an unfiltered look at the food pyramid recommended for healthy living and how misguiding it can be. Around halfway through the video, he brings up the 6 scientific points of why milk is really harmful to our body. Take a look and be amazed…!!!