Bhramari Pranayama


Bhramari Pranayama

Techniques of Bhramari Pranayama

The fifth Pranayama after Anulom Vilom Pranayama is Bhramari Pranayama. Baba Ramdev suggests that if you feel tired while performing Anulom Vilom Pranayama for 15 minutes, then you may take short breaks in the middle. But make sure you practice all the Pranayamas one after the other, as advised.

Bhramari Pranayama is known to bring peace to you. Place your index finger on your forehead and rest three on your eyes. Make sure your mouth is closed. Also, close your ears with your thumbs. Now chant ‘Omkar’ (Ommmmm…) from your nostrils. Again take a deep breath in and while exhaling create the sound of Om…!!!

In Hindu mythology, this way of chanting Om is known to be practiced by Yogiraj Lord Shri Krishna, by none other than Lord Shiva himself and also chanted by Purushotam Lord Rama. Maharishi Patanjali also emphasized on this technique of chanting Om. In Bhramari Pranayama chant Om through nostrils, ears will remain closed with your thumb. Sound of Om will come like the buzz of a buzzing Bee. Hypertension, depression and stress related ailments will subside. Mind will become free; you will reach a state of meditation. All physical ailments may go away because 80% of them are caused due to tension. Breathing like this during Bhramari Pranayama will take away all physical and psychological tensions. Practice Bhramari Pranayama for 5 to 10 times daily.

Bhramari Pranayama

This technique causes vibration to flow through out your body after originating from your throat. These suttle vibrations will release all tension from your muscles and relax your mind. Once the mind and body is free of tension, one is able to perform day to day activities much better. You will realize that life is not about reaching from one point in space and time to another and along the way worrying about everything that’s going on in and around you. Once you stop worrying about the things creating disturbance in your life, then you will be able to deal with problems in a more calm and composed manner. Things and events around you will stop bothering you so much and life will seem to be so much better.

Take a look at this clip to see how to perform it: