Why we eat the food we eat?



To eat badly is to think blindly…!!!

The main reason we eat the food that we eat is because we are convinced that it is the right thing to do. Our parents taught us the same thing, our peers do the same thing and we’re also teaching our children to do the same thing. Now that we know that this is not right, the real question is why is it that we think that it is the right thing in the first place? Why are we convinced that cow’s milk makes our bones stronger, that meat is the right/only source of protein for us and that fish is the only way to get Omega 3? We can tell you for sure that you can get all of these nutrients from fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains. Then why is it that we still continue to eat meat, dairy and poultry, even though we know it is not good for our body?

You can get all of these nutrients from fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains.

The answer comes in the form of ‘Food Marketing’. Below is a video of an eTalk called ‘The Secrets of Food Marketing’ produced by the Catsnake Film Agency for a group called Compassion in World Farming and presented by British actress Kate Miles acting as Kate Cooper, Marketing Consultant to the Food Industry. Please note that although the video is a fake seminar the audience is real and the points stated are facts.


She begins by revealing that she’s going to pull the veil from over some secrets about how they (marketing) make you buy what they want you to buy. It starts by making you want it, to need it, to crave it and to think that it the best thing ever. She gives an example of an old favorite – Shreddies which was re-marketed by making a slight difference in its appearance and made it a huge success. Another example is that of Instant Mix Cake, which failed when introduced, but became a household favorite once a silly little change was made to it. The audiences’ light-hearted reaction is as expected.


Now she picks up a real world problem of Animal Farming (Chicken, pigs, cows). We as consumers think that these animals come from a lovely farm where they are lovingly raised. But if we really think about it, the reality is far removed from this fantasy. The reality is concentrated Animal feeding operation. But since that’s not going to look good on a label, they instead use the term Farm Fresh to make us feel good about Animal cruelty. The audience is slowly getting a grasp on what this seminar is moving towards.


The second approach is Focus on Progress. They show us images of how nice, clean and family friendly the farms are. This is so far removed from the reality. They even target children (future consumers) by releasing coloring books for educating kids about how wonderful the world of Animal Farming is. By this time the audience is seemingly shaken by these revelations but they still don’t have any idea about what is to come next.


Here comes the secret weapon without which this whole operation cannot work. She exclaims very sarcastically that the reason marketing is able to pull off this scam on the audience is because of You, the audience itself. She explores how they do it by explaining that you don’t really think about where these products are coming from, how these animals are reared and how they are being treated.

The power of willful ignorance cannot be over stated.


The only reason the food industry gets away with systemized cruelty on a massive scale is because everyone is prepared to look the other way. The audience is left in open-mouthed bafflement as the speaker says thank you and exits stage right.

To bring home the presenters point let us share with you this Investigation into Industrial Chicken Hatcheries by Animal Equality.

An argument can be made that we are using disgusting images to make a point just like the food industry using beautiful images to sell us on eating Animal Products. Let us take this opportunity to use a heart touching video, to make a case for vegetarianism. Make sure you have your handkerchiefs ready because if this doesn’t open your heart, then we don’t know what will…Cheers…!!!